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Know what you don’t know before you click “add to cart” on that water softener. Before you decide to purchase an online system, there are many factors you want to consider, such as the size of your home and the number of people in it to determine how large of a unit to purchase. Often the treatment systems sold online do not take these factors in to account and you could end up purchasing the wrong system. Here are some items to consider:


  • – The number of bathrooms in your home will make a difference in what size system you need. 
  • Pressure loss can happen if the unit is under sized for installation or size of home. The gallon per minute information on the valve control will determine the proper size.

  • –  Overall size of family also impacts pressure loss as more people use more water in different ways.

  • –  Installation costs vs degree of difficulty, take into consideration how the unit will be installed and by whom!

  • –  Warranty considerations. Who will service your warranty? A local company, amazon, the seller? Do your research; we can’t stress this part enough!

  • –  Difficult return and claims process if wrong system purchased or product damaged upon shipping. How many times have you received or not received at all what you were expecting? Be very aware of the returns process and damage claims customer service, we have showed up to install online equipment and equipment was damaged and missing parts!!

  • – There really is no one size fits all solution; any site that claims this is more of a sales company than a treatment company.

  • – Water contaminants vary. What you purchase online may not remove everything you expect, look at spec sheets and third party verification. WQA is a great resource for certified products and certified companies to work with.   

We advise a reputable water treatment professional test your water to have a better understanding of contaminates and issues affecting your home specifically, before you purchase online. We not only provide free quotes and testing, we service most makes, can install equipment purchased online, and are licensed by the State of Colorado.  We are the local water experts you can trust.