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Well Treatment Systems

Designed with Only You In Mind!

Our well water treatment services provide you with peace of mind you are getting reliable products,  certified installation and water testing for the contaminants that are troublesome for your home.

We offer whole spectrum testing from third party lab in order to design the proper treatment. Well water should be tested annually for Coli-form Bacteria and E-coli. We take that one step further and recommend all wells be tested annually for contaminants which have been present in the past or are trending.  Our whole home drinking water analysis is $100, Bacteria testing $30, Specific Metal testing prices can vary. We will fully apply any testing costs to any whole home treatment system installed by Clarity Water Services. Our complimentary in home test will only give us an idea of what lab testing should be done, this is only a baseline for beginning stages of designing a whole system for your needs.

There is no “One Size Fits All” for water treatment, we build a system specifically for your home size, budget and contaminant reports.

3 easy steps

  • Initial Consult and Sample Collection

  • Review detailed report and treatment suggestions

  • Install and enjoy clean healthy water


Well Filtration

Filtration for Your Well Water

Each and every private well is going to have variations of water quality, it is for this reason each well must have a different treatment plan.  Our filtration products are designed specifically to tackle certain issues.  We will design your system based on your Water Quality Report and on-site testing. We have filters for Copper, Lead, Fluoride, Sediment, Nitrates, Iron both Ferric and Ferrous types. 

Iron Master Remedies all 3 Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide

The Iron Master is guaranteed to remedy Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell). Iron comes in 2 forms, iron we can see(Ferric) and dissolved Iron(Ferrous). Ferrous iron must be oxygenated or turned to ferric iron before it can be filtered, the Iron Master is designed  to do both jobs. We come across a lot of mountain homes that have high iron or bad rotten egg smell, again the Iron Master combines the job of another piece of equipment. There is even the occasion that high manganese will be present with the other terrible two contaminants, these three form the Troublesome Trio. Our Iron Master can handle all 3 with zero maintenance!


Ultraviolet Lights (UV)

UltraViolet Lights are used for the disinfection of water. A thin quartz sleeve sends the water around the bulb to kill pathogenic bacteria such as Coliform. We highly recommend any customer that uses well water to have a UV light for bathing cooking or around the house as the final stage of their whole home treatment plan. This will safeguard you from potential contamination and keep your family safe.

We offer UV Light installation and lamp replacement for Viqua and Sterilight UV systems.

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