Water Treatment Service

Water SoftenersWater softener and filtration device

  • 50% savings on soap

  • Clean, scale-free water for sparkling dishes

  • Soft Towels and Clothes

  • No Dry Skin

  • Easier Daily Cleaning

  • High Efficiency Models Available

  • Reliable, Consistent

  • 5 year warranty by major brand

  • Professional Installation

  • Local Technical Support


Water Service Designed For Your Needs!

Clarity Water Services strives to bring you the latest technology and reliable products for your home and business. Soft Water can save you up to 50% a year on soap cost, will make your skin feel softer and hair less brittle, as well as reducing build-up for easier cleaning around the home!

We can combine a whole home Chlorine/Chloramine removal system to this softener for an all in one package, and at a reasonable price. 

When deciding on a Water Softener or Filtration device how do you know which is best for you? 

Our Water Softeners are manufactured by CLACK, a company that has consistently designed quality water treatment products since 1960. They have produced some of the most reliable residential and commercial softeners still in the field today. The CLACK  WS1 Valve Control is the most reliable valve, with only 2 moving parts and a solid state microprocessor, it has a multitude of uses from softening to filtration.

“Maintenance Free”, “Salt -Less”, or “Installs in Minutes” are just sales tactics used to reel you in, we provide solutions and support .

Scale Reduction

No Bags, Only Annual Maintenance!

What is Scale Reduction? It is the process of isolating the scale minerals so as not to allow them to combine and create limescale as seen on your faucets, dishware and shower doors.

We offer a scale reduction system called Superior Water Conditioner. This system paired with carbon filtration gives the ultimate whole-home protection and requires minimal maintenance. No salt or bags with this option! This system electronically takes the hard water minerals and turns them into tiny crystals allowing them to pass through the plumbing system. This system also removes existing limescale over time because the electrodes are always working whether the water is running or not.This system requires very little in regards to maintenance, we check it annually to ensure the quality of water that is being delivered to your home. No salt or bags with this option!

Why Clarity Water Services?

Our Uniqueness!

Searching for a Water Softener or Filtration products can lead to some pretty intense findings. Our approach is UNIQUE! We are here to serve our customers. Our customers drive our business model, by that we mean you are the CEO the Chief Employment Officer. We have the products you need for your home, not the products we need to sell you, but products that will be only necessary for the highest quality of water you deserve and want. 

We are a locally owned Colorado business. Serving the Greater Denver Area, Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins, and more.

We are proud to announce we have the certifications from the Water Quality Association (WQA) and license from the State of Colorado WC#00000012 in order to better serve the needs of our customers. Are you currently using a filtration company? Check for credentials at Here 


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