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Whole Home Water Filtration

Service Designed For Your Needs!

  • Great Taste

  • Professional Installation

  • Single or Multi-Stage Units

  • Chlorine/Chloramine Removal

  • NO-Sediment/Rust/Dirt

  • Clean Pipes

  • Tank or Canister Filtration

  • Better Taste

  • We professionally install your filter system with confidence and performance in mind. 

Tank-type whole home filtration allows for a long lasting chlorine/chloramine removal for your whole home. This system needs very little maintenance and comes in various sizes according to the quantity of chlorine and the size of your home. Canister Filters are great for overall performance, cost and maintenance!

Chlorine or Chloramine can be damaging to your homes plumbing system. It can eat away at the seals in your valves, rubber gromets in your toilets and shower head sprayers. As well chlorine is not exactly something we should be ingesting. Ever enjoyed accidentally drinking pool water? Yuck.

Chloramines are a mixture of Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) and Ammonia. This mixture is being used by municipalities in order to combat bacteria in the water supply or to disinfect the water supply lines running in the streets and to your home.

We recommend any type of carbon filter be used prior to being used for drinking water as to remove these chemicals and nor introduce them into our bodies.


Filtration system examples

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

  • Chlorine/Fluoride/Lead/Chemical/Sediment Removal

  • Designer Faucets

  • Sustainable design- no throw away features

  • Professionally Installed and Maintained

  • Alkaline Water 8.0 pH and Higher Naturally!!

  • Purchase or Lease

  • Local Treatment Experts

  • No More Heavy Bottled Water

  • Pair with Your Fridge or Water Cooler

Our REVERSE OSMOSIS water filtration systems are designed and manufactured by Microline. We want to make sure each filter in your system is providing superior protection and the finest quality water possible. Reliable and consistent, our systems include major manufacturer products so as to not be compared to online retailers versions.  Reverse osmosis reduces the aesthetically unpleasing contaminants in drinking water by as much as  99%.  

Water Coolers, Ice, and Coffee Services

Lease, Installation or Maintenance

Bottled water delivery adding UP?  We lease water coolers that DO NOT require a bottle. We install our 2Bold filter system up to a 6 stage Reverse Osmosis water filtration to your water cooler or ice machine. We are a locally owned and operated business, serving our community. We can custom design your filter system, for your office or home.

 Need that ice maker connected? Fridge waterline installed? We offer affordable rates and have expertise to handle your needs. We also offer water filtration solutions for ice machines and coffee makers.

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Coffee maker in the office not working properly? Need equipment installed or maintained? 

Clarity Water Services has the options for your office coffee service and water filtration needs. Schedule a consultation below!

Filtration Maintenance and Parts

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We service all major brands of filters and softeners such as Kenmore, Whirlpool, GE, Fleck, Penteck, Pentair, Clack, 3m, Water Systems, RainSoft, Culligan and many more.

Call to schedule maintenance or repair for you filter system or water softener. We also service Viqua and Sterilight Ultraviolet lights

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